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Sales Funnels

Learn Funnel Design

*Free* Sales Funnels for Beginners

Just getting started, and need to know the basics about sales funnels? This FREE course by the renowned Funnel Gorgeous team is a solid start!

Sales Funnel Templates

Funnel Geo

If you are looking for sales funnel templates that convert, look no further than the offerings by the ladies at Funnel Gorgeous. Funnel Geo is one of their latest Funnel Drops, but there are several options in their storefront.

For Your Website



If you are looking for hosting for your self-managed WordPress site, I recommend SiteGround hosting. They are affordable and have excellent support. If you are looking for a managed option, reach out to me for other recommendations.

Legal Policies


If you aren’t keeping up with the changing privacy laws across the US (and, let’s be honest, who is?), and keeping your legal policies updated appropriately, then you might find yourself in hot water. Save time, money, and anxiety by using Termageddon’s legal policies, which are kept up-to-date with changing laws.

Fonts & Graphics

Powered by Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is the best resource for high-quality, affordable, and unique fonts, graphics, and other creative assets.  If you sign up for a free account, you can also get 6 *free* new assets every week!

WordPress Theme


Astra is a lightweight WordPress theme that does not interfere with your page builder, but still offers great functionality.

WordPress Page Builder


Elementor is my page builder of choice for WordPress. Personally I use the Pro version of the plugin to get all the added features, but the free version gives a lot of functionality and will work for a lot of people.

WordPress Page Builder


If you want to build your own sales funnels on your WordPress site rather than directing your traffic to a 3rd party overpriced funnel solution, Cartflows is the best tool on the market to do that.

Business Tools

Booking Calendar

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss allows you to schedule appointments or classes with ease, without all the back and forth.  It allows you to take payments online, and will remind your clients with emails or even SMS reminders!

Password Manager


You should have unique passwords for each online account you have, but how do you keep up with so many passwords?!? LastPass is a great solution that makes your life easier AND more secure.

Email Manager


I was ready to abandon my email account and just start over, until I tried out SaneBox. A few days into their 14-day free trial, I was sold. SaneBox intelligently sorts my email for me, saving me so much time.

Courses I Love

Craft a Profitable Offer

The Offer Cure

You’ve launched your course, and just didn’t get the response you hoped for. You had plenty of eyeballs on your ads, but not enough people pulled the trigger. Maybe the problem is with your offer? This short, inexpensive course shows you how to create “an offer they can’t refuse.”

Start a Podcast

School of Podcasting

If you are interested in learning how to podcast, but starting at zero, the School of Podcasting is a great option. They have courses that cover every facet of podcasting, as well as an affordable monthly membership that lets you access all courses, plus a Facebook community and Q&A’s.

Learn WordPress

WP Rockstar

If you are ready to take your WordPress knowledge to the next level (aka, getting cozy with the code), then check out WP Rockstar. Julia gives you detailed instructions that take you from zero-knowledge to a WP Hero. 

Become a Freelancer

Free Video Workshop

If you are interested in becoming a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant… and especially if you are a mom wanting to work from home – check out Micala’s video workshop that helps you get started.

*Some of the product or service recommendations above may contain affiliate links, which means I would be paid a small amount if you purchased through my link. However, ALL of the products I have used or currently use myself, and they are all top-notch products that I would highly recommend regardless.

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