Podcast Editing

Frustrated with Editing?

Woman tired from editing podcast

You work to produce great content, but get bogged down by the time consuming process of editing.

Or, you dread even recording, because you know you’ll have to edit.

Or, you don’t even bother editing your audio. You know it sounds rough, and could be costing you listeners, but who has the time?

Instead, just imagine if you could...

Record stellar content, hand it over to me and let me take it from there.

I edit out the ah’s and um’s, level things out, upload to hosting, and get you listed on the major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify).

Easy Peasy – all great content, no more frustration.

Just record, and I'll take it from there...

Schedule a Call

Simply click the button below to schedule a free consulting call, where we can discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit.

Hand over your Editing

If you like what you hear, just hand your editing over to us! Once you have recorded your audio, you will simply upload it to a Dropbox folder and we will take it from there.

Focus on Content

Now that editing is off your plate, you've got more time to focus on the important stuff - creating great content.

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